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Today, technology is at the center of everything. We set alarms on our smartphones to wake us up and we can easily tell Alexa to adjust the temperature on our thermostats. Because of this growing reliance on technology, there is an increased need for technical positions like DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects, and Software Engineers. How do businesses meet the need for technical positions? ...

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Our account managers excel at gathering key client details for successful searches, ensuring we fully understand your business needs and desires.

With 25 years in the industry, Integrated has a robust database of nearly 100,000 finance professionals. Our specialized management
system helps us find and network with top candidates. Our strong reputation and resources also enable us to engage effectively
with passive candidates.

Leveraging our negotiation skills and market insight, we facilitate win-win outcomes through effective communication. Our Account Managers excel at managing candidate expectations and clarifying opportunities.

Our unique recruitment process helps us forge
strong relationships, ensuring successful candidate placements. With a proven track record, Integrated seals the deal when clients

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IMR was founded in 1990 by Barry Franklin, a New York City native. As a recruiter for a top global executive search firm at the time, Barry set out to found a firm based on premium quality and unwavering ethics. Barry found a niche with Wall Street Clients by specializing in financial risk management and PhD quantitative analytics. Chad Dean, joined IMR in 2002, and he quickly became one of the top recruiters in the firm. Chad purchased IMR in 2009, and he has since expanded the recruiting capabilities of the firm. Today, Chad manages the day to day operations while being a player coach to a team of 11 recruiters. IMR’s success and track record, through up and down market cycles, has made the firm a key partner to the industry for talent acquisition. In 2017 IMR replicated the success it developed recruiting top talent for highly scrutinizing banks and hedge funds into two additional verticals: Private Equity Portfolio Companies and a local Phoenix, AZ executive search practice.

Our clients consistently praise our expertise in recruiting top-tier talent. Unlike firms that adopt a scattergun approach, our IMR recruiters are extensively trained in our specialized niches. This enables us to present only vetted candidates with whom we have established relationships, saving our clients time and effort. Our trusted process also grants us unique access to passive candidates, often leading to exclusive relationships. With over 32 years of industry experience, we're confident in the exceptional service we offer and look forward to demonstrating our streamlined process to you.

Integrated Management Resources’ success is a result of the dedication to core values of its recruiters and commitment to introducing top talent to top firms. We continue to be recognized as a leader in the industry by staying true to our values of trust, integrity and consistency.

We exercise discretion, as our candidates (and often our clients) depend on us to keep their search highly confidential.

We are clear in our communication and keep an open dialogue with candidates as well as hiring managers.

A 30+ year track record placing professionals who stay for the long term and prove to be valuable to their organizations.

Integrated Management is a proud member of the SRA Network

Sanford Rose Associates is comprised of an elite network of independently-owned executive search firms who provide personal service and undivided attention to our clients and candidates. Our affiliations with the International Executive Search Federation, Kaye/Bassman International, Next Level Exchange and Next Level Marketing Communications provide our clients a unique foundation that does not exist anywhere else in the search industry today.

Sanford Rose Associates office Owners have on average over 20+ years of experience in the markets we serve, allowing for a precise understanding of what clients need. This level of specialization allows us to be true consultants who can offer our clients insights not available from any other source. Due to this finely niched experience, we have longstanding relationships with candidates and can not only identify the right prospects quickly, but also have a deep understanding of cultural nuances, comparative structures, critical skill sets and compensation and benefits intelligence. In most cases, it takes years to earn the right to build relationships with the top tier of talent that exists – and Sanford Rose Associates offices have spent decades earning the right to be trusted advisors to that top tier.

Array of Services
Due to the expanse of the Sanford Rose Associates network, we are able to provide our clients with a suite of services far beyond those of most executive search organizations. Agreements are customized based on the specific needs of the client and can range from a single position, a large-scale growth initiative, or interim services. Clients benefit from resources including behavioral profiling, video interviewing, social media strategies, e-cruiting capabilities, and competitive analysis. Sanford Rose Associates has the capability to conduct internal training seminars for our clients, with subjects spanning from corporate recruiting best practices to effective onboarding and retention strategies.

At Sanford Rose Associates, our mission is to not only assist our clients in securing the top talent that exists, but to also retain that talent for the long term. The parent company of Sanford Rose has been named the “#1 Best Company to Work For” on four separate occasions, and provides consulting services for clients desirous of a creating a culture of retention and performance. Who better to help organizations secure and retain the best and brightest than an organization who has received awards for doing this themselves.

Sanford Rose Associates owners and search consultants are regularly called upon to provide subject matter expertise to the industry, and are recognized as experts by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, Business Week, USA Today, Fox News, Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg, CNN and other local and niche publications. As a subsidiary of Sanford Rose Associates, Next Level Exchange is recognized as the #1 Leading Training Organization for the search industry, having trained over one thousand recruiting firm organizations in over thirty countries around the world. We are not only living the best practices of the search profession, we are teaching and sharing them to the entirety of the executive search industry.

Global Reach
Sanford Rose Associates offers a unique combination of local knowledge and international reach. This provides our clients with a 360 degree human capital consulting solution incorporating the market expertise and the international and multicultural values of our partners into a unified process to deliver you success.

Proven Track Record
Sanford Rose Associates is ranked as the 11th Largest U.S. Search Firm by Executive Search Review, demonstrating our ability to deliver the caliber of talent that our clients both require and deserve. Over the past 50 years, Sanford Rose Associates has maintained an exclusive network of offices who remain unparalleled in terms of professionalism, performance and service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.Each Sanford Rose Associates office is independently owned and operated. Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc., a Texas corporation, is the franchisor of the Sanford Rose Associates Network of offices.