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Financial Markets

We work with candidates selling institutions the full range of FI products including High Grade/High Yield Corporates, Mortgages/CMO Derivatives, Credit Derivatives, and Structured Credit Products. These individuals are brokers with successful track records, books of business, and clean U-4’s. Salespeople run the gamut from working with regional broker dealers to the primaries on the street.


IMR’s founding purpose and continued forte is our quantitative analytics practice.Our team places Masters and PhD level professionals on trading desk and portfolio management teams developing pricing, hedging, and risk tools for the full spectrum of fixed income and derivatives trading.


Specializing in Software Engineers, DevOps, Cloud Specialists, and Infrastructure Specialists. IMR began recruiting high-end IT specialists in the 90’s with the advent of complex algorithms requiring ultra-fast computing, data manipulation, and throughput.


Data, Big Data, and Alternative Data. There are currently over 2 million sources of data and that number is growing daily.  The ability to make sense out of previously insensible data is increasingly becoming a highly desirable skill set.  The demand far outstrips the supply of quality talent.


Our finance and accounting staffing experts are equipped to assist you in finding top-quality contract or permanent talent for a range of roles, from accountants to financial analysts to CFOs. Whether you require contract talent, senior-level professionals for ongoing projects, or permanent hires, we are prepared to provide swift and efficient solutions.


There are so many companies, new and old, that are looking to gain further insights from data and teach computers to think like humans.  IMR’s expertise allows us to cut through all the jargon, tech stacks, and skill sets to bring our clients exactly what they are looking for.

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