No Regrets
Ep. 6

In the latest episode of the “Financial Footsteps” podcast, host Chad Dean engages in a compelling conversation with finance expert Lynne Berreman. The interview provides a comprehensive overview of Lynne’s illustrious career, from her beginnings in Arizona to her current role as a financial leader. Lynne’s journey unfolds as she traces her steps from True Blue Car Wash and PC Skin, both successfully sold to major corporations, to pivotal roles in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and ultimately landing her first CFO position in a private equity-backed company. The interview delves into the intricacies of Lynne’s experiences, shedding light on the intense process of selling companies, the nuances of leadership, and her unique leadership style, characterized by leading by example, a hands-on approach, and a strong work ethic.

As the conversation progresses, Lynne imparts valuable insights into interview preparation, focusing on accomplishments and creating cutouts for effective communication. The discussion expands to key characteristics for leadership roles, the importance of asking questions during interviews, and the strategic use of personality tests in leadership teams. Lynne shares her career advice, emphasizing the pursuit of experience over titles and money, industry-agnosticism, and the value of taking risks. Traits for success, effective delegation, team motivation, and the appeal of private equity-sponsored companies are explored, highlighting Lynne’s emphasis on excellence, adaptability, and smart leadership partnerships.

This insightful episode sets the stage for further exploration of Lynne’s experiences and wisdom in subsequent segments of the podcast.



Lynne Berreman
is a senior financial executive that is operationally driven with extensive experience in building or transforming both private equity as well as mature organizations focused on growth.

Her expertise is in the management of multiple business units and locations with skills encompassing the full suite of finance, accounting, and business operations.

She provides private equity investors and leadership teams with a solid and scalable financial foundation to enable profit expansion through organic and M&A growth.

She has successfully led the exit of two private equity backed businesses to strategic partners over the last several years.

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