Law and Finance
Ep. 4

In this Episode of Financial Footsteps, Joseph Udall talks about his family’s generational history of lawyers and attorneys and how he charted a different course for himself. He decided to study finance. This choice led to landing a job with an upstart SaaS company and a meteoric rise to a Director title. He talks about what he attributes to his success in this role and in life. It is worth a listen to hear his great advice.

Who should listen to this podcast? Anyone who wants to learn how to quickly rise in the ranks and be given more responsibility. Joe goes into detail of how he approaches his work, how his supervisors took notice, and how they ended up rewarding him.

Keap serves consultants, marketing agencies, coaches, startups and countless other growth-focused small businesses that are striving to unlock their potential through the power of sales and marketing automation.



Joe Udall
is the Director of Finance at Keap with seven years of experience helping business partners make strategic decisions driven by data.

Joe is naturally curious which leads him to search out the “why” when making decisions. Combining that innate curiosity with data allows him to creatively find solutions to most problems. He is a key business partner and seeks feasible solutions for difficult goals.

Joe resides in Queen Creek, Arizona with his wife and three children.

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